Software needed

You need some basic software for your computer. This software ensures that you can use all the technology that is avaible. You will need a web server software that needs to be installed on your computer. In addition you will need to install a FTP client. The FTP client enables you to upload your website to your web server.

Web server software

Windows Windows
If you are running Windows operating system then you need to download Wampserver. It is a free program that will turn your Windows computer into a server. This enables that you have Apache, PHP and MySQLi installed on your own computer.

wampserver.png Download Wampserver

Apple Apple
Mac OS users need to install a server named MAMP. It will install Apache, MySQL and PHP on your Apple computer. It's a one-click-solution for setting up your personal webserver. Perfect for beginners.

mamp.png Download MAMP

FTP Client

Filezilla Filezilla
A free and reliable FTP client is FileZilla. It enables you to upload and download your website to your web server host. You need this program to make your website available for your your visitors.

filezilla_icon.png Download Filezilla for PC or Mac

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