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Naming Convention

At one time your app will get advanced. It may consist of many images, classes and other files. You can do your self a fawor and use the official Android naming conventions.

Name should include the type of file. If the file is a 9-patch png file should contain ".9".

Type Prefix Example
Action bar ab_ ab_stacted.9.png
Button btn_ btn_send_pressed.9.png
Dialog dialog_ dialog_top.9.png
Divider divider_ divider_horizontal.9.png
Icon ic_ ic_star.png
Menu menu_ menu_submenu_bg.9.png
Notification notification_ notification_bg.9.png
Tabs tabs_ tabs_pressed.9.png


Icons should include an explanation of the type of icon that is by having an explanation in the file name.

Type Prefix Example
Icons ic_ ic_star.png
Launcher icons ic_launcher_ ic_launcher_calendar.png
Action bar icons ic_menu_ ic_menu_archive.png
Status bar icons ic_stat_notify_ ic_stat_notify_message.png
Tab icons ic_tab_ ic_tab_recent.png


If the icon is selectable, it should be explained in the filename.

Type Prefix Example
Normal _normal btn_order_normal.9.png
Pressed _pressed btn_order_pressed.9.png
Focused _focused btn_order_focused.9.png
Disabled _disabled btn_order_disabled.9.png
Tab icons ic_tab_ ic_tab_recent.png

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